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Thursday, May 29, 2008

High Cotton, Krankies and revisiting old places

I'm excited to get some time to revisit my blog posts and think critically about the road ahead. It has been more than three years since my tour of the southwest. My path has taken a few twists and turns but for the most part my time has been absorbed in the quarterly grind of filing SEC documents and applying new accounting policies (not very exciting). I have continued to invest and develop a network of sustainable business minded individuals and groups. My recent contacts include: Northern California Netherlands-America Foundation (sustainable and green business network), Business for Social Responsibility (global sustainability consulting firm) and Full Circle Farms (Sunnyvale - local sustainable agriculture).

It was great to see my traveling companion, Russ get married in North Carolina last weekend but it also sparked the sustainability debate once again. I was reminded of the many discussions and dialogues during the journey and while I was at Regent College. We were blessed to experience a bit of the "high cotton" life on Figure Eight Island where we enjoyed a bottle of Ridge's Lyton Springs Reserve and left overs from the wedding cake of fine French fromage. Follow on discussion from the Regent experience of course led me seek material to update these posts. The topic of the day? God's care for creation and revisiting the life committed to accountability and making a positive change through my vocation in finance.

Traveling through the Winston-Salem area the largest need seemed to be bringing the economy back to life after the fallout of most of the tobacco farmers. There were few signs of hope including the thriving art district, old Salem and a few new wineries popping up. However, it seems that "Jesus is lurking in the trees" as my friend Zach mentioned. There is a haunting feeling that there is more to be done for earth and people in this region as there seemed to be substantial economic disparity and continued inequality in opportunity. How will it regenerate from the legacy of tobacco and extraction industries?

My favorite stop along the way: getting a coffee at Krankies...a drive through espresso bar where I was able to help a young lady with her bicycle (always happy to help in this area) and get a free latte out of the deal.

more to come on this and other topics...I think I will stick to this blog!


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